Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Becoming All Natural

When we first had Aiden, we knew we wanted to breastfeed, make homemade babyfood, use sweet smelling Johnson's and Johnson's lotions, and use disposable diapers for convenience and money saving. I feel lately like I am turning into a natural mother! We were successfully able to breastfeed and are continuing to do so. We have made our own babyfood and have been successful so far. Because of Aiden's sensitive skin, we have had to switch to Dove soap and Eucerin lotion. I am looking into switching to Burt's Bees all natural shampoo and soaps now though. And, the biggest change of events is that we have transitioned to CLOTH DIAPERS!!!!! I absolutely never thought I would be saying this! According to studies, an average family will spend $2,000-3,000 on disposable diapers per child! After buying each of the items needed for cloth diapering, we are still well under $400! And, we'll be able to use those for each of our children. I know that I always was trying to make the best choices for Aiden and for our budget, but it does feel so weird to be a totally all natural family.

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  1. My friend in Arizona LOVES the cloth diapers!! She said that particular brands held up better than others, but her little girl is almost 9 months and they are still using them. The statics on how much diapers take up in landfills is really pretty disgusting. Your little boy is super cute. I like your family blog! Take care =) ~Alexis