Friday, May 21, 2010

Aiden is ONE!!!

These pictures are from Aiden's first birthday party. They are actually posted up in the reverse order. The bottom picture is Aiden playing in the ice bucket. The picture above that is showing just how much Aiden enjoyed his cake! The picture above that is Aiden getting ready for his birthday cake. The first picture is actually Aiden taking a much needed nap after all the birthday festivities.


Aiden LOVES to play in our pantry. One day he discovered the cheerios and fruit loop boxes are within his reach. He pulled down the box and went ahead and helped himself to the cheerios! I guess he was hungry...

Sleeping Time

For the past year, our method of putting Aiden to sleep at night has been to nurse him to sleep. Since we have hit the year mark, I decided it was time to break that habit and thought he needed to fall asleep on his own. I was kind of waiting until summer break came though in case this change provided us with a few sleepless nights. Two nights ago, Aiden decided that he didn't want to go to sleep so we decided to let him "cry it out". Keep in mind that we are very much against this idea. Well, Aiden cried for a miserable 5 minutes and was alseep! To top it off, he slept and stayed in his bed until 6 the next morning. So, tonight when he was fighting us to sleep we just put him in his bed after a few struggles nursing and rocking. He was fighting sleep again tonight. Once down in his bed though, he put his head down and was totally ready to sleep. After about 5 minutes of rubbing his back, he was fast asleep. We'll see if he once again stays in there until morning, but at least the bedtime process was much better!