Monday, November 22, 2010

Boston - 2010

The past weekend was a whirlwind of adventures for us in Boston. Andy was working there, so we decided to meet up with him for the weekend. I'll try to break down our adventures quickly so it doesn't turn into a book!

Friday: We got in late, went to bed.

Saturday: Slept in until Aiden woke up. Then, we headed into town to check it out. We started out at Quincy Market area. We stumbled upon the Holocaust exhibit that Andy and I had a moment at during our first visit there. The actual temperature wasn't necessarily that cold, but the wind was very chilly. Aiden refused to wear his hat and gloves for nearly the entire trip. He was fussy and crying nearly our whole outing that day. I'll skip ahead to dusk. We arrived back in the area after the tree was already lit. But, it was still spectacular. A huge tree!!! There was so much energy around us! Band was playing music, confetti shooting up in the air, lots of people! Then, off to the hotel and bed we went.

Sunday: We met up with Casey and her family! I haven't seen her since 2004! Since then, she's had 3 kids! It was so good to see her and her family. We went to Christopher Columbus Park. But, it was very cold. We let the kids play for a bit in the sand and on the playground. Off to lunch time at Quincy Market. Then, we found a Toys R Us to play at near the T station. Aiden was mesmerized by a Cozy Coupe Box in the store when we walked by it. By now, it is time for the Groders to head back home. After we say our goodbyes, Andy, Aiden, and I go to Harvard Yard. The grassy area is filled with tons and tons of Fall leaves. It was so much fun. We only had about 30 minutes there, but I could have stayed all day and was wishing we had gone there on Saturday too! So, then it is time for us to go to the airport. We got Aiden his first kids meal at Burger King! Then, head through security and on to the gate. EXCEPT-our milk was flagged by security. The milk we bought from Burger King. So, I got a full pat down-head to toe. So humiliating to be in the middle of security with a TSA agent instructing me in detail how she is going to pat me down. Finally, I am cleared and on to the gate we go. Everything is smooth, we get to our seat. We are waiting at the gate watching the instructional video on the plane when...Aiden out of no where throws up on my lap and the seat between the guy next to me and myself. Andy jumps up to get paper towels and he gets yelled at because he took his seat belt off! So, he sits back down and we push the help button. At that point, they finally understood. But, goodness! They told the guy next to us about an empty seat a few rows up. All in all, it was good that Aiden threw up so we got an extra seat, but it made for a long flight!

Overall, the trip was great! It is just difficult to travel to such a different weather climate with a child that refuses to keep the things that will keep him warm on. The trip was much too short as well to get into a good routine there.