Sunday, April 24, 2011

Minivan owners????

So, knowing that I want to stay home with our babies has posed a bit of a dilemna when it comes to affording a bigger vehicle. We know we need one for the 3rd baby for sure just as a result of the logistics of fitting 3 carseats into either of our cars! But, the cost of the new cars (Acadia, Highlander, Traverse, etc) we want is out of our range. One day, I'm looking at a repossession dealership's website and they have a newer Dodge Caravan for only $12,000! Keep in mind that I have always said, "I am NEVER driving a minivan!!!!!" But, for some reason this minivan stuck in my mind. I thought we could afford the price, but then it was still a van. I really felt that maybe this was some sort of humbling experience for me. Andy and I have everything we want-a great family, a sweet boy, a nice house! The only thing I don't have is the bigger car. I was feeling God saying that if I want my dream of staying home and having more children, I would need to give something up. Maybe that something was a nice, fancy vehicle. So, we kept looking at the minivan and crunching numbers. On the Saturday that we had decided to go look at the van, it had sold already! But, we had found another affordable one plus a couple others. So, the next Saturday came. First we were going to look a Honda Odyssey. The dealership was very sketchy and didn't have the van. So, one we went to the next minivan at another dealership. This van was a Honda, but a few thousand more dollars. It was newer than the cheaper van and had a TON of options. We test drove it and I LOVED it! To make sure we could afford the higher price and also it was Aiden's naptime, we decided to go home to crunch numbers again. Once we decided we could afford it, Andy went back to negotiate a price and they accepted what we were offering! This car is a 2007 Honda Odyssey with a dvd player, leather seats, heated seats, AND power doors! While at the same time it is super exciting to get a new car, I was feeling a bit sad at the thought of trading in my Rav4. I have driven that thing longer than I have know Andy-8 1/2 years! It was a very good car to us. But, we are in a different place in life now, so I am okay giving up that car. The Ouano's are now minivan owners! And, best of all we actually like our minivan!

It's a ....

We had our ultrasound (March 8th). We had convinced ourselves we were having a girl. But, it turns out we are having another boy! He looked very healthy and very, very active! We might have our hands full with this one. We are very excited for Aiden to have a brother so close in age, he'll love it once this next one is old enough to play!

Exciting News!!!

On December 5th, we got some exciting news...we were PREGNANT again! We are so excited about this pregnancy! We went on December 21st to confirm it with the doctor and she gave us a due date of August 8th-one week before school starts up again! Bummer! But, this also means I'll get a really good taste of being a stay at home mom since I'll be home from June all the way through the end of October!

Christmas 2010

Ok, so I am a bit late on some blogging! I want to make sure I have some of these pictures in here to look at later on. Christmas was great! Mom and Dan spent Christmas with us at our house.

Aiden's new police car from Mia:

Enjoying Rock n Roll Elmo from Lolo and Lola:
A Xylophone with a dual purpose as a chew toy!:
Reading "Twas the Night Before Christmas" for the first time: