Thursday, July 9, 2009

2 months!

So, our baby boy is 2 months old! It is absolutely amazing how quickly time flies! He is finally sleeping consistely 5 1/2 hours a night! A couple times he even slept over 7 hours in one single stretch at night!

We are starting to see a bit of his personality lately. He smiles and giggles at things he finds interesting! It is the best feeling in the world when he smiles and you know it is for you!

On Monday, we had to take him to his doctor's appointment for his two month checkup and shots. Our little guy weighs 14 pounds and 1 ounce which puts him in the 97th percentile! So, I guess he isn't so little! The hardest part of the doctor visit was his 3 shots that he had to get! So painful to watch.

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